Climate Activists celebrate successful shut down of Minerals Forum before it even started

Climate activists are today celebrating their success in shutting down the 2020 Minerals Forum before it was even due to start, next Tuesday in Kirirkiriroa Hamilton.

“This event has been abandoned because destructive polluters know that their time is up. They know that they can’t meet in person without facing serious disruption from people concerned about catastrophic climate change,” said Felix Hoornaert, spokesperson for Stop the Minerals Forum Coalition.

“The Minerals Forum was set down to be a two-day conference hosted by the biggest mining companies in New Zealand that directly profit from climate destruction and ecocide, such as coal mining company Bathurst Resources Ltd, Oceana Gold and NZ Coal and Carbon.”

“We were mobilising for a major action at the conference venue, but we have been informed that the conference is not going ahead. This is great news because when these climate criminals meet, they threaten the security of every person on the planet.”

“These companies may take their conference discussions online, but climate activists will still meet to target climate criminals in the Waikato next week. Not only must their conference stop, the very practices that these companies engage in have to be halted. Business-as-usual is no longer an option as we face unprecedented climate chaos and ecological annihilation.”

“The economy needs to change course. We can’t keep mining our planet and shipping goods around the planet so a few get rich while billions of people suffer.”

“We need to create regenerative economies that support local industry and heal damaged ecosystems and communities. If we live within the natural limits of our planet and look after each other fairly and responsibly we can have health and abundance for all.”

“We encourage people to come to Hamilton and join a nonviolent action in support of climate justice next Tuesday (October 13th). We know that people power works – when we stand united and unwavering in our opposition, we can bring real change.”

“We want to acknowledge all of the hard work of climate activists around Aotearoa and the world who have worked relentlessly to stop climate destruction. The momentum and movement for climate justice just keeps growing stronger.”