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By building strong regional opposition to deep sea oil drilling off our Coast, we will ensure that the Texan oil company Anadarko relinquishes their permit before any well is drilled.  Get involved to help protect the Pegasus Basin, the coastlines, and the climate.

What you can do

1. Put up a placard on your fence or in your window, saying NO to Deep Sea Oil Drilling.  Make your own unique placard – or contact us on oilfreewellington@gmail.com to arrange a pickup or delivery time for one of ours.  Please put ‘placard’ in the subject line.

2. Sign up for our Updates list.  We’ll send monthly news about the campaign, the issues, and upcoming events and actions.  Email us with ‘sign up’ in the subject line or click here.

3. Invite us to speak to your community group.  Are you involved in a Play Centre, Residents Association, Sailing Club, Union?  This issue potentially affects everyone in Wellington, so we’d love to come and chat about the issues with your organisation.

4. Volunteer your time.  If you’d like to offer some time to the campaign, we would love to hear from you.  Examples include: maintaining the website, leaflet design, helping distribute placards, running stalls.

5. Get involved in the organising group.  We meet weekly. If you are interested in organising with us send an email to oilfreewellington@gmail.com.

6. Talk to your friends / family / workmates / schoolmates.  Direct them to this website.  Give them a leaflet and encourage them to take action.

7. Leaflet your street.  Let Wellingtonians know about the threat to our beaches. Contact us if you need resources.

8. Encourage family and friends in other affected regions to get involved too, or to start campaigning in their area.  There are Oil Free groups opposing deep sea oil in Auckland, the East Coast, Taranaki, Wellington, Top of the South, Kaikoura, Christchurch and Dunedin. It’d be great to see a Wairarapa group too!

9. Write to newspapers (letters@dompost.co.nz, and editor@thewellingtonian.co.nz), post on your blog, call radio.

10. Learn more about climate justice. Get involved in the debate. Check outhttp://www.climatejusticeaotearoa.org/, especially the Climate Justice in Aotearoa booklet.

11. Take Direct Action! Get involved in summer flotillas, beach protests etc.

12. Create the solutions, e.g. passive solar, compost, bicycles, local production, Transition Towns, Timebanks…


We rely on your generous donations to fund campaign expenses such as printing and resources. Here are the account details if you would like to donate:

Oil Free Wellington
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