A callout to our supporters

To our talented and resourceful supporters. With the government’s new block offers and the increased risk of environmental catastrophe off our coast we’re stepping up our game to end deep sea drilling for good – but we need your help.
Do you have any of the following skills and a bit of time to lend?
Artists We’re looking for talented painters to start up a collective, painting murals around Wellington. If you have ideas about beautiful images that you want to paint or have info about spaces we can paint murals please let us know. Want to screen print tee-shirts or have other art projects that will get Oil Free Wellington’s message out there? Get in touch!
Musicians We’re planning our next gig to raise funds and awareness around deep sea oil. If you’re keen to perform, help with sound or lighting or co-ordinate an event send us an email.
Organisers Want to start up your own group of students, parents, surfers, you-name-its against deep sea oil? We can help you get your group going by providing training, information and support. If you have another project you’d like to undertake to get the ‘no deep sea oil’ message out there, ask us for more info and we can get other volunteers to help. 
Boaties, kayakers, surfers. We’d like a ready response action group to get where it counts to stop Anadarko messing with our environment. If you have great water related skills, willingness to float against deep sea oil and/or the resources to keep actions safe, tell us!
Venue sponsors Do you have free access to a great space that we can hold workshops, gigs, public meetings or training in? We’d love to hear from you.
General Volunteers Want to get involved by helping a project already underway or run stalls, talk to people and learn more about the issues yourself? We can connect you with the right people or information!
Thank you for your support. We look forward to hearing from you! Just email us atoilfreewellington@gmail.com
Check out our website for more background information oilfreewellington.org.nz
Once again, many thanks,
Oil Free Wellington