Change Everything – Safer Spaces

Change Everything is happening on colonised lands. We pay respect to the Maori Iwi of the wellington area, who are the the traditional custodians of the land, and we support the ongoing struggle of Maori for land rights, self-determination, and justice.

Safer spaces Agreement

We aim to make the Change Everything weekend an inclusive and welcoming space where people can be comfortable sharing their ideas and views. We acknowledge that we cannot guarantee that the space is free from discrimination but hope that this policy will help people to understand what their role is in creating a safer space.
As a group coming together we have shared ground but we are also all individuals who have different ideas, backgrounds, knowledge and beliefs. These differences should be seen as strengths rather than as causes for problems. Facilitators will aim to ensure everyone is included and heard from.
Be aware of and responsible for your own behaviors. Please acknowledge your behaviour has effects on others, and if you offend or upset someone, even unintentionally, and are called up on it, please listen and take it on board.
Violence or harassment of any sort are not acceptable anywhere, and will not be tolerated here. We ask that all participants respect each other’s physical and emotional boundaries. We reserve the right as facilitators to ask anyone dominating the conversation, not allowing other to speak, repeatedly speaking over others, or derailing conversation, to hold back and give others a chance to participate. We also reserve the right to ask known abusive or violent people to not attend the event or to leave, including if it is made known to us that anyone’s presence is excluding someone else’s participation.

Conflict Resolution

In the event of any issues which cannot be resolved without help please come and speak to one of the organisers (we will make ourselves known).In the situation of a conflict a resolution deemed positive to all parties involved should always be sought first, but if this is not achievable we may ask the person who is causing harm to leave.
In such circumstances people may be warned and given an opportunity to change their behaviour before being asked to leave.