Change Everything


Oil Free Wellington warmly invites you to Change Everything, a gathering and day of action in Wellington, on December 12th and 13th this year. Change Everything is a chance for us to come together to korero, organise and skillshare across our different struggles, as well as take part in Wellington’s biggest ever on water demonstration.
The weekend of the 12th and 13th of December will be the weekend that the Paris climate talks end, and we know it will be more important than ever to empower our own communities to take the action needed to address climate change. Paris won’t deliver what we need to make our climate safe for current and future generations. This hui and mobilisation will acknowledge that it’s up to us as communities to take real action on climate change, and to send a strong message to the oil (and other fossil fuel) industries who are planning to expand their extraction.
December 12 | The gathering, which will be open to the public, aims at upskilling ourselves and each other, as well as kindling the strong networks that already exist between our current groups. It’s a chance for us to regroup, take strength from each other and get fired up for the summer ahead. We hope to have a diverse range of workshops – focused on upskilling, on building links between movements, and on acknowledging and analysing the inequalities at the root of climate change. We’d love to have representatives from our friends and allies across the climate, social justice and workers movements there. More information about workshops and speakers to come!
You can register to attend here.
December 13 | We will be taking to the water in Wellington’s largest ever on water demonstration and practise blockade for resistance to fossil fuel development this summer. We’ll have a large number of kayaks and paddleboards available for people to use. If you can’t be on the water you can be involved on land too! If you have your own water-going vessel, be it a kayak, paddleboard, yacht, jetski, barge, speedboat or pirate raft, bring it along. Email us at to let us know you can bring your own vessel.
We’ll be inviting all hui participants, and the public, to join us. Read more…
You can RSVP on the facebook event here.