Oil Free Otago Getting On with Going Off Fossil Fuels

16 July 2015
Oil Free Otago have joined with other community groups in Dunedin to form Valley Community Workspace Inc.(VCW), and are getting on with going off fossil fuels. The groups, including Transition Valley 473, The Valley Project, Dunedin Makerspace and others, plan to work collaboratively in the former Allen St Motor Museum, North East Valley, on electric car conversions, bike library and repairs, electric bikes, 3D printing, weaving and other activities, with the aim of promoting a cultural change to a socially just, low carbon future.
“We need to start changing the way we do things.” said Oil Free Otago’s spokesperson Rosemary Penwarden. “Exploring for more oil and gas off our coast will provide neither local jobs nor a stable climate. More fossil fuel exploration is head-in-the-sand thinking. Instead, we want to get on with building a future that will provide jobs and skills for our young people and that will survive in a world without fossil fuels – with the emphasis on ‘doing’.”
Oil Free Otago and VCW are having an Open Day 10am this Saturday 18 July at 11 Allen St, North East Valley, Dunedin. Locally converted electric vehicles will be on display, along with electric bikes, a 3D printer and a hand loom.
Oil Free Otago