Oil Free Seas Flotilla Wellington Send Off

Oil Free Seas Flotilla Wellington Send Off

A dozen kayakers in penguins suits led the way for the Wellington Oil Free Seas Flotilla send off. The flotilla is taking to the seas to register opposition to the arrival of Anadarko’s newly-commissioned, untested drilling ship the Nobel Bob Douglass set to arrive off the Raglan coast later this week.

Wellington turned on a perfect day for the brave skippers and crew heading out to defend our oceans, beaches and climate and took with them thousands of messages from those supporting them on land. “We really are sailing on behalf of hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders who would like to deliver a message to Anadarko that they are not welcome to drill under our ocean. They can’t go themselves because of jobs, children and other commitments but we have the privilege of representing them,” Jeanette Fitzsimons says on departure. Keep up to date with the flotilla here:

The Oil Free Seas Flotilla


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