NVDA Training Day!

In preparation for the upcoming Petroleum Summit in Taranaki Oil Free Wellington is holding a non-violent direct action (NVDA) training day on Saturday 4th March, 12pm, at the Newtown Community Centre on Daniel st (not to be confused with the one on Columbo st).
We’ll share knowledge about where, how, and why we use NVDA.
There’ll also be practical roleplay exercises, discussion on the history of NVDA, and a shared lunch. Please bring some snacks or something to drink.
You can find this event on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/209177202884846/
In March this year, oil executives will meet in Taranaki for their annual conference – and it’s our job to disrupt it. We can’t let them continue to burn fossil fuels in the face of climate change.
A coalition of climate groups around Aotearoa are hosting the ‘People’s Climate Rally’ at the 2017 Petroleum Conference in Taranaki on Wednesday the 22nd of March with workshops in the days before and after. This will include peaceful protest, workshops, and entertainment for people of all ages and backgrounds who support a world powered by clean energy.
Oil Free Wellington are keen to support Wellingtonians to join the Rally in Taranaki. We’ll be organising transport to and from Taranaki, and a place to sleep has been organised with locals and a local marae. We’ll be heading up on Tuesday the 21st in time for a welcome and action briefing and heading back in two groups on Wednesday afternoon/evening and Thursday 23rd for those who can stay a little longer.
Let us know you’re keen to join us and come along please email oilfreewellington@gmail.com with the subject line Petroleum Summit Transport.
We look forward to seeing you there!

The flotilla and on shore supporters.
The flotilla and on shore supporters.