Rally for climate justice! Blockade the oil summit!

The organising for our rally for climate justice is heating up and it looks like groups will be coming down from different parts of the country to help blockade the oil summit.
With record breaking temperatures hitting at the same time as huge storms we are seeing why it’s more important than ever to take a strong stand for climate justice!
On March 26 the oil companies and representatives of the new government will be meeting in Wellington. In the past they’ve faced escalating action as people put themselves in the way of oil business as usual. In fact it looks as though the summit organisers are keeping the venue secret at the moment. No doubt our plans have played a part in this decision. We will find out eventually though so please register for updates about our plans before and after March 26.
Go to http://www.rallyforclimatejustice.nz/ for more info and to register for updates.
If you’d like to help out please get in touch with us at oilfreewellington@gmail.com
Rally for climate justice