We Chased Them Away

Oil Free Otago Press Release

The Petroleum Conference closed early after a day and two nights of noise and protest at Queenstown’s Millenium Hotel.
“We chased them away” claimed Oil Free Otago’s Rosemary Penwarden. “They tried to keep this conference a secret but we found them. Last week millions of striking school children highlighted the overwhelming public concern about our future. Big Oil knew about its contribution to the climate crisis for more than thirty years but spent that time trying to discredit climate science.”  
“This town is suffering because of warming temperatures. More oil and gas = less snow. How dare they come here planning expansion. Queenstown people are smart and many of them joined us outside the Petroleum Conference yesterday in protest.”
The conference included industry multinationals like Halliburton, Schlumberger, OMV,  Greymouth Petroleum and NZ’s own Todd Energy.
“Don’t be fooled” Ms Penwarden said “The oil industry is doing its best to make us believe gas is a transition fuel when what we need instead is an immediate transition to a fossil fuel free economy. There is no time to waste on empty words and greenwash. GAS IS NOT A TRANSITION FUEL.