Telling the government to phase out fossil fuels

As we said earlier on this blog, the government has released their draft “minerals and petroleum resource strategy” for “consultation.” Sadly they seem to be trying to keep the industry alive for as long as possible rather than planning a just transition.

The strategy itself can be read here.

Submissions are due in on September the 20th and can be done here.

The Green Party has put out a call for people to say that:

  • We need to focus on the rapid phase-out of fossil fuel extraction, that means no more permit extensions and a halt to deep-sea drilling and fracking. This needs to include a just transition for the working people and communities whose jobs currently rely on fossil fuel extraction. The Government needs to support working people and unions to train for new careers in clean industries. 
  • We need to build a circular economy that focuses on recycling and utilising waste resources before new mining for materials for the cleantech economy. 
  • Any extraction of minerals should only happen with greater input by iwi and hapu and with minimal environmental impact.

The submission form is full of alot of tick boxes and responses to very specific questions, also it has to be completed in one go as there is no save function. The questions and boxes with asterixes next to them need to be filled in inorder to make a submission.

However, you don’t need to put a comment in every “why” box.

Here is a link to Oil Free Wellington’s submission. If you want to use parts of it please feel very free to do so.

One possible message for the government?